Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions:

You only have to follow these few steps :

1 - Sign into your account through My Account,
2 - Put in your cart every parts you need,
3 - Read and accept Terms & Conditions below your cart, 
4 - Select as payment method : "I wish to save my cart".

You should be able to find it later through the section My Quotes.
Quantities indicated in part lists mean total of each part number you need to order to get all located on diagram you are on.
For example : If there is a screw indicated 4 in the quantity column, so there are 4 screws this part number on the diagram you are looking at.

Warning : price indicated in part lists is the unit price, and is independent to the quantity.
With the model code:

The model code is the production code for Honda vehicles and includes all informations (model, year, finish) specifics to your vehicle. This is the most efficient way to be sure to find your model and do not make order mistakes ! 

With the chassis number or VIN:

If you want to identify your vehicle more accurately, you need your vehicle's chassis number, which is different on each vehicle and will help you to find informations the model code does not contain, very useful if you do not know the colour code for example.

Be careful, the date on the registration document is the date of 1st registration, which could be different with the model year.

You must have an account on our website to place an order, because we need of course to know your contact for billing and shipping.

With your account, you will be able to save vehicles, to find back easily next time in My Garage.

What you can do with your account too, is to save your cart as a quote and find it back in My Quotes later.
Once your account created, you should have received an email from us where you can find your password generated automatically. If you do not, please check your spam box.

To get a new one, you have to go to the section My Account, while putting your email address, you will be able to click on "Forgotten your password?", you will receive a new one by email.

Then, you will be able to modify it in your account, as you wish.

We can help you and answer to your questions through the Contact section or the live support.
On our website a function allows you to add one or more vehicles in a virtual garage to find them back easily for future orders. 

To add a vehicle to your garage, follow these simple steps :

1 - Be sure to have identified the right vehicle. Please find the question : How can I identify my vehicle to order parts will fit ?
2 - Select your vehicle in the list,
3 - Find a button written on : "Add this vehicle to my garage".

Once this done, go to My Garage on top of the front page to find back your saved vehicles.
Remote mechanical diagnosis is not the easiest way to do it efficiently, but you can contact us if you need some advices, we will try to help you as best as we can.
Technical manuals are not all available on our Honda website unfortunately.

But, as we know it could be important, you should take a look at our technical manual website, you might find one for your bike ;-)